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Cos working is over-rated


Posted almost 11 years ago

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Posted almost 11 years ago

We had a brief visit to Helsinki, and also caught the ferry across to Tallinn for a few days. It was an amazingly beautiful city, even despite the rainy days.

Mt Huangshan

Posted almost 11 years ago in Huangshan Shi, China

Big trouble in Little China

Posted almost 11 years ago in Hangzhou Shi, China

In most other places we’ve travelled, you can read a sign or a menu and take a stab at saying it - the local will usually laugh but get the gist of what you’re trying to say.

But in China, it’s impossible for us to even attempt to say a word written in Chinese, which makes for an interesting time ordering in local restaurants!

The problem is that unless you get your order 100% correct, the Chinese waiters are perplexed. Even though we’re saying a word which must sound a tiny bit like “beer” in Chinese, and we’re miming drinking beer and pointing at the next guy who’s drinking a beer, we often get a soup or chopsticks instead…..

There seems to be a huge cultural gap between our way of thinking and the Chinese way of thinking. Things we take for granted simply have no meaning here. For example, showing someone a map, pointing at the ground, then pointing at the map and making “where are we?” gestures elicits blank stares.

We’ve seen some amazing sights so far, including a beautiful 2-day hike up Mt Huangshan - the scenery was absolutely stunning, and the path through the mountains was an engineering feat.

We’ve been pretty adventurous in terms of eating street food, but stopped short at ordering a live bunny, snake, eel or turtle from the side of the road. I mean, it’s nice to have fresh food and all but poor Floppsy….