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Motorbikes, mountains and monsoons

Posted over 12 years ago in Thành phố Hội An, Vietnam

Decidedly sick of buses, we find ourselves winding through the beautiful mountainside on the back of motorbikes with two local guys we met over coffee…

It was such a great way to travel, we sat back and took in the gorgeous scenery while Lee and Khoung (our drivers) maneuvered through the roads, stopping when we reached a picturesque waterfall for a swim or a cool side-street cafe for a well earned snack. 

One night we stayed in a local village long house and when we woke up the next morning, an elephant walked passed our window - very cool.  The guys took us to some great local eateries and although it rained a lot towards to top of the mountains, it was a fab trip. 

We reached Hoi-An 5 days later.  Now it was time to relax and stay in a luxurious hotel while we waited for our made-to-measure clothes from the local tailor.   

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