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Cos working is over-rated


Posted 7 months ago in Málaga, Spain

After weeks of rain in Seville it was nice to see some sun in Málaga, even though we've been spoilt by Sydney beaches so the pebbles here don't really compare. Either way the girls have loved being out in the sun, playing in the parks and riding bikes along the foreshore.

Steve made the most of the sunshine and hired a motorbike to head into the Sierra de las Nieves mountains. The temperature dropped to 3 degrees at one point, so the heated handlebars definitely came in handy. As did the thermals we've been lugging around since Switzerland.

Tomorrow we head back to the UK for Clementine's injections, so she'll be ready for the next big phase of our trip...

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Sevilla, part two

Posted 7 months ago in Sevilla, Spain

We loved Sevilla so much that we ended up extending our stay there twice, for a total of nearly 2 months. Even though the weather was pretty terrible for the last 3 weeks, it couldn't dampen our enthusiasm for this fantastic city.

During that time we met so many wonderful people, including our amazing Spanish teacher Laura, and lots of other travelling families with kids.

We settled into a great routine with the girls at school during the day, leaving us to explore the city, visit the fresh food markets, and eat some delicious lunches.

With any luck, we'll be back again sometime soon!


Posted 8 months ago in Cádiz, Spain

We spent the weekend in Cádiz, one of the oldest cities in Europe. It was a cool town, but unfortunately we had pretty lousy weather which made it a bit hard to do much sight-seeing.

Our apartment had a lovely rooftop deck, and we got at least one meal up there before the rains came.


Posted 8 months ago in Grazalema, Spain

Like everyone else we always upload the highlights to Facebook - so here's the true story containing some of the lowlights of our weekend away to Grazalema...

After a slow start renting the car (including a return trip back to the house to get our passports) we headed off to do the Via Verde de la Sierra, a bike trial along an abandoned railway line.  There were 2 options for which way to go - we went the wrong way, and spent an hour cycling in the sun through boring scenery, before realising and heading back in the correct direction, which was lovely.

The Lonely Planet gushed about Arcos de la Frontera and said *you will absolutely love it*, so we drove an hour out of our way to stay there. The town turned out to be OK but nothing special, and that night was the annual town fiesta, so all 20,000 people were out having loud and boisterous fun. This would have been awesome if we were young and carefree, but with kids it was a nightmare as we basically couldn't move through the steep and cobbled streets. Our AirBnB was absolutely freezing, and turning on both heaters at the same time tripped the circuit breaker.

In the end it all worked out OK. The girls were super resilient and we headed back into the mountains near Grazalema the next day, for a really nice hike through the hills. Nelly was such a trooper and walked for 3 hours without a single complaint.

So there you have it, the un-sanitised back story behind the happy photos ;