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Cos working is over-rated


Posted 8 months ago

We decided to slow down the pace of our travels, by spending 2 months in Sevilla. We've been here for a month already, and we are totally in love with this city.

The pace of life is extremely relaxing, and it's so easy to get around on foot, bicycle or tram. The old town is a ramble of narrow, cobbled streets and there are loads of shops and restaurants everywhere.

The only problem is that our girls are still on an Aussie schedule - they wake up too early, and they're hungry and tired at the wrong times for the Spanish lifestyle. We need to train them to sleep in and eat late like the locals.

We've enrolled the girls in a local pre-school so they can practise their Spanish, and meanwhile we're also taking Spanish lessons. 

The awesome benefit of travelling with kids is that it's really easy to meet other parents, and we've struck up friendships with other travellers and even some locals, although we have a way to go before we can converse fluently. Bit by bit we're getting there...

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Posted 9 months ago in Basel, Switzerland

We had breakfast in Switzerland, lunch in Germany and dinner in France.  Basel is on the border of all three countries and it was lovely to see Fabienne and Youko embracing their multi-lingual life.  A bientot, Adieu, Auf Wiedersehen dear friends. 


Posted 9 months ago in Interlaken, Switzerland

Interlaken means "between lakes" and is a stunning part of the Swiss Alps. We went ice-skating, sledding, hiking and throughly enjoyed the beauty of Switzerland in all its freezing cold glory.  Nelly's face sledding pretty much sums up how much fun we had - she's definitely a snow lover!  

Saint Prex

Posted 9 months ago in Saint-Prex, Switzerland

Winter continued in cold St Prex, but we were warmly welcomed by Julien and Sam in their house overlooking the lake.  Cheese, wine, and of course Swiss chocolate flowed for days as we caught up by the fire and our kids ran amok.