Steve and Glo's travel tips

Useful stuff we've learnt on the road

Simplify your cables

Posted about 2 years ago

At the start of our trip I was carrying around a huge bundle of cables to charge our phones/iPads, my Kindle, headphones, etc. Even using cable-ties it was a huge and annoying mess.

I simplified this with a set of connectors which charges everything off my laptop using a single cable. It's so much more useable!

Take a decent knife

Posted about 2 years ago

We've been travelling for 4 months so far, and every apartment has had terrible, blunt knives. I can't believe it took us this long to realise - why don't we just buy our own decent knife?

No more struggling to chop stuff for the rest of the year! We also added hipster salt crystals and a small pepper-grinder to the kitchen list, cos why not...

Take a Bluetooth speaker

Posted about 2 years ago

Most apartments that we rent don't have a sound system, and we love our music and podcasts, so we brought along a tiny BlueTooth speaker made by Anker.

This thing is tiny, but pumps out surprisingly decent sound (especially if you place it on something solid so it can reverberate). It was only $30 from Amazon, and is small enough that you don't even notice it in your bag.

It's super easy to connect to a phone for streaming music, or the laptop for listening to movies. Highly recommended.