Steve and Glo's travel tips

Useful stuff we've learnt on the road

Save on AirBnb fees

Posted about 2 years ago

AirBnb is an awesome resource when you're booking someone's private house.

But increasingly these days, the house you're renting is already being managed by a professional agency, and if you rent it via AirBnb you're paying two sets of fees - whatever the agency is charging, plus the AirBnb fee.

This tip is to use AirBnb to find a great apartment or house, then search for it via Google and pay for it outside of the AirBnb platform.

For example, we found this apartment in Cadiz on AirBnb, then rented it for around €100 less by booking directly via the agency who managed it.

Buy a sturdy jogging stroller

Posted about 2 years ago

We brought along a beat-up old Bob jogging stroller which my sister bought second-hand for us in the US a few years ago. This thing is super rugged, like an old SUV, and it can take any terrain without complaint.

Because it's so rugged both of the girls can sit on it at the same time (one in the seat, the other in the foot-rest area) which is a godsend on long walks when they get tired.

We've taken it in cities, on the beach, on dirt tracks, and everywhere in between, and it's never faltered - aside from getting lots of punctures - bring a puncture repair kit and/or some spare inner tubes...

Take a Bluetooth speaker

Posted about 2 years ago

Most apartments that we rent don't have a sound system, and we love our music and podcasts, so we brought along a tiny BlueTooth speaker made by Anker.

This thing is tiny, but pumps out surprisingly decent sound (especially if you place it on something solid so it can reverberate). It was only $30 from Amazon, and is small enough that you don't even notice it in your bag.

It's super easy to connect to a phone for streaming music, or the laptop for listening to movies. Highly recommended.