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Tokyo time

Posted 16 days ago

During our second week in Tokyo, we caught up with Pete and Lucy.  It was great to celebrate Steve's Birthday with them, hang out and pet cute hedgehogs (they've thought of everything in Japan!)    

Oh Tokyo, we love you

Posted 21 days ago

We loved Japan when we came here 8 years ago, and we fell in love with Tokyo all over again. 
The people are polite, transport is super-reliable and it's so pedestrian friendly - we have been walking every day and taking our time discovering the neighbourhoods. 
Thankfully the girls love Japanease food as much as we do, and every restaurant has been delicious.  Eating in has been easy too - we're staying in a typical Japanese apartment with a small kitchen and tatami room, which has been perfect for our stay here. Tokyo has been amazing once again.